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Before We Bid Goodbye to 2020: Three Reflections

There is no polish without grit. It’s a common refrain of mine to mindfully look upon both the mirror finish and the sandpaper that yielded it. (My husband is a professional fine woodworker, so the metaphor is apt in our household.) In leadership development, it means that the raw rub of adversity refines our capabilities, if we choose to pause and reflect.

On the threshold of 2021, I invite you to consider three timespans to begin making sense of your leadership experience.

Look Back:

  • In what one way did you miss an intention or goal?

  • In what many ways did you step up or excel?

Be Present:

  • What do you notice about yourself as a leader in this moment?

  • What is meaningful to you as you bridge last year and this coming year?

Look Forward:

  • What is your greatest leadership purpose in 2021?

  • What are your commitments for managing your energy?

Take a few moments to move from sight to insight and transition to what’s next. Cheers to our mutual prosperity and leadership abundance in the coming year!


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