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Our core purpose is to unleash client potential and prosperity by tapping their inner best. Our custom solutions are designed for each client’s unique situation. At Vescent, we “meet clients where they are” to effect positive change.

We collaborate with clients to address key questions such as:

  • What are their business realities? What matters to them?

  • What does the evidence tell us? What is proven in research and practice to address similar situations?

  • What is possible? What fits with the client’s values and identity?

  • What actions will prosper the client in a variety of ways?

Our expertise blends the science of study with the art of experience.


Founder & Principal Consultant

“Leaders and organizations can be successful without being
extraordinary. They cannot be extraordinary without being
successful. We focus on helping clients be truly extraordinary.”

For 25 years, Ms. McMullin has partnered with clients to cultivate greater leadership and organizational capabilities. The outcome is building strong and sustainable results aligned with values and in an engaging workplace.

In Amie’s work as an organization development consultant, she has helped clients with structuring and leading change initiatives, process consultation, competency model development, talent management efforts, culture and engagement initiatives, and organization design.

As a leadership developer and certified coach, Amie has facilitated workshops at every level, coached senior leaders and executives in individual and group formats, led conflict interventions, facilitated difficult conversations, designed and administered assessments and calibrations, and created succession plans and success profiles.

Whether addressing leadership needs or larger organizational needs, Amie helps clients build effectiveness through relationships.


Having served primarily large, public companies, Amie has also worked with some small, privately held firms. Our clients come from functions including sales, operations, service,
HR, and marketing, among others. We are privileged to work with the following industries and sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals, biomed, health tech

  • Automotive

  • Petrochemical, industrial gases

  • Technology VARs and services

  • Human capital management

  • Imaging technologies & management


  • Master of Science degree, Organization Development &Training
    Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Master’s certificate, Leading Organizational Change
    Cornell University Industrial and Labor Relations school

  • Master’s certificate, Executive & Organizational Coaching
    Columbia University (Columbia Business School & Teachers’ College)




Vescent starts and ends with integrity. We are honored to be invited into your world, we are qualified to help you make a difference. It is a responsibility we respect and take to heart.

Evidence-based excellence.

Vescent brings an evidence basis to all we do, by tapping into both proven practice and high-quality research. We help you avoid harmful junk-and-bunk practices often touted in popular media.


Connection & meaning.

We meet you “where you are” with discernment, not judgment. By listening and working closely with you, we earn your permission to advance and deepen the business relationship in service to you.


We believe abundance arises from the creative optimism and focused industry of the human spirit. This is a business imperative that engenders prosperity for individuals, organizations, and society.


Interpersonal safety, confidentiality, transparency.

Vescent creates a safe space by balancing respectful challenge with a growth learning orientation. We stretch people with focus and care. Early on, we come to agreements with clients about the balance of confidentiality with transparency for organizational health.

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