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Coaching Group for Leaders of Change

Leading Vital Change Coaching Group

Wednesdays starting in Nov., 11 am ET Fridays starting in Nov., 2 pm ET

Most of us experience the following at work:

  • Continuous change

  • Not achieving the change results you’d like for self, others, or the organization

  • An awareness that those reporting to you are not ready to lead change

  • An organization that isn’t prepared for all the changes coming in terms of scope, scale, capacity, capability, time, energy, money, etc.

  • A desire to speak confidentially with external peers to learn about their experiences and inform your choices

Does this sound familiar? Evidence of the complexity of change abounds: you have only to notice the many articles, books, podcasts, models, workshops, etc. to know this is more than simply mastering a skillset. If you’ve been leading for any amount of time, you’ve probably already undertaken leadership development on change. Yet still you want – you need – more.

How is group coaching different from other leadership development on change?

When a group coaching engagement is centered on a theme (like Leading Vital Change) and each session has a supporting theme (like employee reactions to change), it gives the group a heading without giving restrictive turn-by-turn directions. Why? Because no single specified route is going to fit every situation and organization. Just as importantly, every adult already has experience with change, those we elect (like what to do after high school and what job offer to accept) and those that occur (like growth spurts or car accidents). These shape a leader’s mental models and corresponding behaviors in ways sometimes subtle and other times obvious.

An effective coach creates a safe space, holds the client agenda, asks provocative questions, listens deeply, makes insightful observations, provides opportunities to reframe, and mindfully attends to the process. In a group format, the coach fulfills these roles for each client as well as for the collective, and she facilitates participants’ ability to do it with, to, and for each other. These become the group norms for engagement and learning. That means the sum total experiences, insights, queries, testing, etc. of all the leaders are available to each leader. Leaders’ deeper learning and broader perspectives are transportable to each sponsor organization and situation because it is not a prescriptive methodology.

Sound interesting? Learn more here (dates, pricing, etc.) and register to join!

Email Amie with questions

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