Leadership development advances the capabilities and capacity of leaders. Likewise, organization development advances the capabilities and capacity of organizations. Vescent offers the following services to realize those ends.



“When deciding to remain in an organization, high-potentials place an increasing premium on the amount and quality of development they receive.” 

Fast Company,
Winning the War for Talent




Organizations with high leader quality were six times more likely to be among the top 20 financial performers of all organizations."

The Conference Board and DDI,
Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow's Business Challenges 2014|2015

Vescent is certified and experienced in a number of assessments. We will advise you on the best instrument for your needs, administer it, and debrief it. We can even help you structure an in-house assessment center.
Executive Coaching
Whether you are looking for transition coaching to a new position or employer, group coaching for teams or non-teams, or development coaching for high-potential senior leaders, Vescent has the knowledge and experience to serve your needs. We are certified through Columbia Business School and Columbia Teachers College.
Leadership Workshops
We design and facilitate interactive workshops customized to your business needs. Our expertise leverages the latest in neuroscience and adult learning for maximum impact. From in-person to virtually led, let us help you with the right learning solutions for your culture and challenges.
Talent & Succession Management
We can help you with the science and practice of talent and succession management. We will also help you with the human element - the art of doing this well. Our clients range from those with nothing in place to those looking for benchmark information. We will work with you on a portion of your process or a comprehensive review to put a plan in place and drive better outcomes.
Performance Development
Are you facing lackluster performance as a leader or team? First, we will work with you to understand the scope and scale, then we'll diagnose the situation. We will help you identify meaningful measures and appropriate solutions to align the performance of your people.
At Vescent, we work with teams that find themselves facing any number of challenges, from low trust to poor communication to lack of healthy conflict. Talk to us about your situation and how we will work with you to address it.
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Change Initiatives
Most industries are facing significant change today, but different types of change must be led differently. We work with you to understand your context, internal and external, and how best to forge ahead.
Human Capital Management
In the last several years, workforce analytics and planning have emerged as powerful mechanisms to drive business. We will look at your current state and desired state to determine additional moves you can make.
Organization Design
What is the ideal structure for your organization to drive results? There are a number of factors that affect selection of an organization design, including your industry's common business model and your company's strategy. Talk with Vescent about whether your design is best serving you.
Competency Model & Development
Competencies are commonly defined as the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes at work. Vescent can help you differentiate the critical need-to-haves from the optional nice-to-haves. We will advise you on effective development for your organization thrive.
Culture & Engagement
While culture is certainly difficult to change, it is directly linked to the engagement of your employees. Significant evidence points to the power of engagement in attaining results. Work with Vescent to maximize your efforts to reshape your culture's DNA and engage your people.
Process Consultation
Some companies have no standard processes while other companies are complicated with too many processes. Either can be a disservice - to results, innovation, and workplace satisfaction. Let us help you examine your processes, determine what would be meaningful, and align them with each other.
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