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Every culture, every leader is unique. Those who are Vescent have upward energy toward a goal. Like effervescence, Vescent energy comes from within. As it rises, it releases vitality and inspires action. This creates a perpetual system. 

In our leadership development and organization development engagements, our focus is greater effectiveness through Vescent energy. We partner with clients to understand their business challenges and contributions, exercising the science of proven methods and the art of experience. We help align present to future, aspirations to actions that achieve results. Our clients bring forward the best version of themselves in measurable and immeasurable ways.


Together we uncover business context, characteristics, values, and needs. Then we collaborate on the processes and practices you are committed to implementing. We help you identify relevant measures that add value. We inform and are informed by evidence in all we do, blending excellence in practice with quality research.


Business reflects human endeavor. It matters to the people who fill your hallways and networks, to customers looking for your solutions, to countless stakeholders, and to you. Each has an interest in performance outcomes, future potential, and paths to accomplishing them.


We serve primarily Fortune 1000 businesses as well as some medium and small businesses. Our clients come from a multitude of industries and functions:

  • Pharmaceuticals, biomed, health tech

  • Automotive

  • Petrochemical, industrial gases

  • Technology VARs and services

  • Human capital management

  • Imaging technologies & management

  • Executive assessment & coaching

  • Workshop development & facilitation

  • Talent & succession management

  • Performance development & development planning

  • Group & intact team work

  • Change initiatives

  • Human capital management

  • Organization design

  • Competency modeling & development

  • Culture & engagement

  • Process consultation

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